Our Origins

Our personal experiences helped create the business we are today.

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Our Origins

Our personal experiences helped create the business we are today.

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We found our dream home in 2011.

It had all the amenities and features to accommodate our growing family and was in a community we were already established in.  We decided to list our existing home for sale in September with the assumption it would not take long to sell. After all, our home was in great condition, had updated features, and was nicely decorated. Our realtor did not mention home staging or offer it as an optional service, nor was I honestly familiar with the concept of it. I simply relied on intuition and what I saw on HGTV in order to prepare our home for sale.

We did not get our dream home because our home did not sell as quickly as we would have liked. It took two months to get an offer, longer than we anticipated, and came at a time when inventory was dwindling and the weather was cooling off. Not ideal timing whatsoever.

We furiously scrambled to find a house to move to.

We ended up finding a house in a community we initially did not consider, and while it wasn’t our initial dream home, it became one we eventually fell in love with.

The house had some spaces that were unfinished because it was a new construction. They were essentially a blank canvas. I initially struggled to find the “perfect” look and feel of how I wanted my home to be. I was always moving things around, rearranging them, and experimenting with different looks. None of them ever really panned out and I wasn’t ever feeling settled.

While I always had intuitive design and décor skills, I eventually hired a professional expert to help me lay out a plan. Once I was able to get clarity, I used my inner creativity to finally start creating our dream home. And as I tackled each unfinished space, I started noticing it becoming easier. No longer did I feel like I was struggling, and my house started to feel like a home. Through my experiences of selecting paint and tile finishes, wallcoverings, window treatments, woodwork and molding, and furnishings and décor did I also feel my deep seeded passions emerge and flourish.

I made the move in 2017 to leave my career of 20 years as a Probation and Parole Agent and form Spaces Reinvented, LLC.

My purpose in doing so was because I wanted people to have the home of their dreams and not have to struggle with selling their existing one like I did. I also wanted homeowners to be reassured of knowing that design is complicated, and even if you think you know all about it, having expert help makes all the difference in achieving your desired goals.

While I don’t blame my realtor for not offering home staging as a service back then, it might have made the difference in whether I would have gotten my dream home. However, I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and I look at these experiences as a sign that I was destined to do bigger things with my life than sitting behind a desk.

I hold two certificates in home staging; one as an Expert Psychological Stager™ and the other through the Home Staging Resource. I also am a certified Psychological Color Expert™ color consultant.

My training has helped me better understand the psychological and emotional components behind selling and buying homes, and make sound decisions that yield results.

My background has carried over many strengths and attributes that position me to be a successful businesswoman in today’s industry, and that are critical in selling and designing homes. These include being a quick thinker and decision maker, an effective communicator and influencer, as well as possessing a strong sense of customer service, integrity, transparency, and discipline.

HSR | Home Staging Resource | Certified | Stager
EPS | Expert Psychological Stager | Certified | Stager
PCE | Psychological Color Expert | Color Consultant | Certified