Ready or not … the holiday season is upon us. Though it is a time for celebration and reason for putting up cheerful decorations, it is not the time to go all-out “Clark Griswold” if you are trying to sell your house. By exercising a little restraint, you do not have to give up all of the festive trimmings – you just need to be careful to not overdo the seasonal décor as I mentioned in my previous article. The goal is to sell your home, not the décor. You can be festive, but remember to honor the value of your home.

When using holiday decorations, be selective. It is best to keep the laughing Santas, inflatable snowmen, noisy symbols, and bright colored decorations stored.

A good question to ask is whether the piece helps to positively showcase the space or serve as a distraction? Also, be mindful that using too many adornments can crowd the house, actually making it appear smaller and cluttered, which is something you want to avoid doing.


* Neutral colored décor because it is regarded as calming and peaceful, as well as welcoming

Neutral | Throw Blanket | Staging Decor | Holiday

* Textural elements – like warm throw blankets, fluffy pillows, and area rugs – as well as patterned and seasonal fabrics – like plaid, houndstooth, cable knit, faux furs, and velvet – all give an added element of elegance and warmth

Neutral | Area Rug | Staging Decor | Holiday

* Adding hints of glimmer and shine via metallics – like gold, silver, or copper – because they are nonintrusive and pair well with most colors

Neutral | Tree | Staging Decor | Holiday


* Using a few strand of white lights versus colored

Neutral | Holiday Decor | White Lights

* Hanging one or two simple wreaths inside and/or outside the home

Neutral | Wreath | Staging Decor | Holiday


* Natural organics like birch, pine, boxwood and evergreen

Neutral | Boxwood | Staging Decor | Holiday


* Setting up a small tabletop Christmas tree instead of a full sized tree because it does not consume the space or obstruct views and/or potential focal points

Neutral | Tree | Staging Decor | Holiday


A positive of using holiday décor when selling your home is that it does allow you to highlight the home’s architectural features, such as a fireplace or grand staircase. You can wrap garland around the staircase or accent your fireplace with a strand of lights or knitted stockings, for example. However, the rule of thumb is to not cover any valuable structural details like the crown molding or hardwood floors.

Using holiday décor to add curb appeal is also another fantastic opportunity to spruce up the exterior of your home and add a bit of life and flair. Wreaths, small potted evergreens, and an occasional ribbon or bow can be a tasteful, yet pleasant opportunity to welcome prospective home buyers.

No matter what décor you choose, if you strike the right balance, your home will exude a positive energy and charm that cannot be felt any other time of the year. Also if done properly, your decorated home will also offer the kind of warmth and welcome that appeals to potential home buyers and help them to imagine living, as well as celebrating their own holidays, there.


We hope this information helps as you prepare your home for sale. However, if further help is what you need, contact Spaces Reinvented. Based in the Twin Cities, Spaces Reinvented offers exceptional home staging and design services.  Simply put, we love transforming spaces from ordinary to extraordinary!