Home Staging Services

Accommodating owner-occupied and vacant homes. Before you list your home, contact us for a COMPLEMENTARY, NO OBLIGATION quote!

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Home Staging Services

Accommodating owner-occupied and vacant homes. Before you list your home, contact us for a COMPLEMENTARY, NO OBLIGATION quote!

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  • Staging consultations are the cornerstone of our home staging services.
  • The first step to prepare your home for sale.
  • It can be a standalone service, or additional services can be added afterwards.
  • 2-hour work session.
  • We tour your home and give you our objective expert advice on staging for optimum results.
  • We create a comprehensive plan of what you can do to create a lasting first impression and strong marketing photos, including suggestions on repairs, improvements, furniture layouts, and décor placements.
  • We provide you with a “Top 10 Priority List” of the must-do’s to best prepare your home for sale.
  • A comprehensive written report is available for an additional fee.


  • We return to your home following our consultation time together.
  • We put the finishing touches to your home to ensure it is photo ready prior to the photographer’s arrival.
  • We do not bring any accessories or furnishings from our inventory.
  • We use what you have in your home, as well as any recommended purchases that have been made during our consultation time, in order to properly stage your home.
  • Valuable service if you are limited on time and resources, or are not feeling confident at being able to fully execute our recommendations.
  • Our professional and creative expertise will ensure you get the strongest marketing photos possible!
  • This is a minimum 1- hour session.
  • Available to clients who have complete their “homework” from their initial consultation.
  • Your house must be prepped and cleaned prior to us arriving.


  • If the décor accessories need to be updated, we can incorporate your furnishings and supplement from our inventory to enhance your space for photography and showings.
  • Our rental package includes accessorizing with small furniture, artwork and décor items.
  • Service does not include soft furnishings like bedding and pillows. We can offer a shopping service for these items upon request.


  • We bring in our rental accessories and furnishings in order to make your  home appealing to the widest buyer demographic.
  • We may supplement with third party furniture rentals as necessary.
  • You will receive a prior work proposal beforehand, which outlines our services based upon size of home and scope of project.


  • We work remotely via video conference.
  • Geographical location is not restricted to Minneapolis / St. Paul area communities. We can work anywhere in the world!
  • Works the same as an in-person staging consultation.
  • You send us photos of your home, with specific instructions provided prior to our time.
  • 2 hour work-session.
  • Our call is recorded, enabling you to replay the video as many times as needed. Taking notes is encouraged.
  • We send you our “Top 10 Priority” list of recommended actions to take.


  • Contact-less service.
  • Perfect for the do-it-yourself-er.
  • Cost is a fraction of Full Service Home Staging.
  • Process starts with an online consultation.
  • You send us photos of your room, along with measurements.
  • We select all key furnishings and accessories to complete the look.
  • We make arrangements for delivery of furnishings and décor.
  • Remote call to assist in placement of furnishings and accessories.
  • You contact us when the property sells, and arrangements will be made to pick up items.

To learn more about our staging services or if you’re ready to get started, let’s talk!

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