The term elegant simplicity (sometimes referred to as “understated elegance”) is a term we describe our design aesthetics and approach, whether we are designing or staging homes.

While it may not have a clear definition, these words …

  • Restrained
  • Graceful
  • Refined
  • Tasteful
  • Intentional
  • Harmonious
  • Timeless
  • Edited
  • Curated

… all come to mind.

Our goal with every project is to elevate the style of a home without it being overly stuffy or too uncomfortable.

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However, understand our approach is not to be confused with or thought of as minimalism (sometimes referred to as “Scandinavian style”.) We do not subscribe to sparseness.

We only believe in infusing the necessary elements within a home to complete a look without all the distractions. In other words, homes should be carefully edited and crafted with a curated collection of meaningful items that tell a story.

So how do we strike the balance of creating a low-key and beautiful home without it being bland or boring?

We infuse a balance of …

  • Old and new
  • High and low-end
  • Formal and informal
  • Bold with subtle
  • Traditional and contemporary

We also like to use a uniform color palette of neutrals, warm tones, muted colors, along with metallic accents. Furthermore, we like symmetry because it gives a balanced look.

Our design and staging inspiration come from one our favorite designers, Suzanne Kasler, who has a traditionalist design style (much like us) and known for sophisticated simplicity.

If you’ve ever opened up a Ballard Designs catalog, then you’ve probably seen her work before.

via Ballard Designs

There are many design aesthetics to choose from when considering how to best showcase and update your home. If this approach is what you desire, we’re happy to help.


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We hope this information helps you understand our design aesthetic and approach. If you’re ready to elevate the look of your home without the excess, contact Spaces Reinvented. Based in the Twin Cities, Spaces Reinvented offers design and home staging services. Simply put, we love transforming spaces from ordinary to extraordinary!