Gone are the days when a simple table and chairs made an outdoor space. Today’s homeowners desire to create welcoming environments suitable for entertaining, enjoyment and, most importantly, relaxation.  So, how do you go about creating an outdoor living space that reflects your aesthetic?   First, you want to determine the main purpose of your outdoor space.  Whether it’s for the peace and tranquility you get from curling up with a good book or the energy-filled fun of BBQ’s with friends, your selection of furniture and accessories should reflect how you wish to utilize your outdoor space. Once you know your purpose, it’s time to move onto the details. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you get started! 


The foundation of an outdoor living space is the furniture so make sure it fits your patio, porch or deck. Beyond being aware of size constraints, you also want to ensure that your selection is appropriate in scale. Too large of furniture can overwhelm the space, while too small can feel sparse.

Another consideration is the types of pieces you want to include. If you’re a big reader. then having a chaise or couch to snuggle up on is a wonderful starting point. If hosting large gatherings is your primary use, then you’ll want multiple pieces to accommodate your family and friends.  However you choose to arrange your furniture, it helps to have an outdoor area rug to anchor your space.  Not only does it center your seating, but it’s also a soft place to put your feet or sit.  Big, small, or just right, you can make any size outdoor space stylish and comfortable.


One of the best ways to showcase your outdoor space is with decorative pillows and throws.  They transform a space with beautiful colors and interesting patterns while adding comfort and warmth. In fact, no color is off-limits when styling outdoors, a freedom that many homeowners enjoy!  Pillows and throws also help create an inviting space where you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors with the added coziness you would get from inside. As a final bonus, pillows and throws can be easily swapped, allowing you to reflect the seasons or simply make a change when you are ready for something new.


Who doesn’t adore mood lighting? Outdoor lighting, whether it’s hanging bistro lights, a fire table or low-voltage accent lights, provides ambiance to any outdoor space.  Here at Spaces Reinvented, we love the beauty and versatility of bistro lights.  They can be romantic, festive, or whimsical and, at the same time, define an area.  Another great option is a fire table. Fire tables serve multiple purposes, providing light, a focal point, heat, and a place to set food and drinks on.


We hope these tips help you bring the joy of a beautifully styled outdoor space to your home. However, if further help is what you need, contact Spaces Reinvented. Based in the Twin Cities, Spaces Reinvented offers exceptional home staging and design services.  Simply put, we love transforming spaces from ordinary to extraordinary! Contact us today and let us help you design your perfect outdoor space!